Peace Orchard

Welcome to Tom & Dee’s Peace Orchard at 1Planet Peace Patch Farm !

Featuring the Peace Orchard, Desert Green Gardens, Sunflower Spot, Hippie Chick Hen Shack, and Desert Buzz Beehive.

May 16, 2009

Today we irrigated for the first time this season.  See more about irrigation at Garden



May 13, 2009

Our Peace Orchard

We have decided to name our new orchard “Peace Orchard” and will be naming each tree after a person in the peace and justice community who has been particularly inspiring to us.  We have already decided to name our Idaho Walnut after  Corbin Harney (1920-2007), Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, who greatly inspired our lives.  Between 2001 and 2007 we were blessed to be able to spend many hours with Corbin in a variety of ways, including at Poo Hah Bah, his healing center in California; the Nevada Test Site which occupies Western Shoshone Land; and at the Goshute Reservation in Utah, to name a few.    We will always remember Corbin’s passion for our Mother and for life.

Corbin spent a good deal of his growing up in Idaho  where he learned to live off the land of his people.

Here are photos of the Corbin Harney Walnut Tree:




We’ve only got one water, one air, one Mother Earth.~Corbin Harney, 1920=2007

May 12, 2009

Today we got 7 more trees: 2 Stuart Pecans, 2 James Pecans, 2 Georgia Bell Peach, and 1 Arctic Fantasy Nectarine.   This will make 16 trees total….

May 4, 2009

Yesterday and today we planted 8 out of the 9 fruit and nut trees we have.  We also have 7 more coming to us in the mail that we couldn’t find around here.



April 26,2009

We bought four fruit trees to start planting our mini-orchard as part of our face lifting our property.  The photo on the left is how we got the trees home.  The tree on the left (photo to right of car photo) is a semi-dwarf gala apple and the one on the right is a semi-dwarf bartlett pear.  We will be getting more fruit and nut trees to plant in our freshly tilled filed on the north west side of our property.

img_7588 tree

Photo to the left:  a braeburn apple and an apricot.  Photo to the right:  all four of our fruit trees waiting to be planted.

This is our heirloom apple tree. It’s probably at least 50 years old.

This is the field where we will plant our mini-orchard, looking to the north (our house is to the south of the field).

This is the field where we will plant our mini-orchard, looking east. The shed in the background is a storage shed. Beyond that (east) is another field that we garden. Our house is to the right (south) of this field with a fenced in backyard that runs the length of this field.

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