Posted by: dlt | July 15, 2012

About Tom and Dee

Organick Khemistry is devoted to the most excellent adventures of Tom and Dee. These adventures include camping, hiking and backpacking; events; farming and family gatherings.

Tom & Dee’s 1Planet Peace Patch includes the Peace House and 1Plant Peace Patch Farm: Peace Orchard, Desert Green Gardens, Sunflower Spot, Hippie Chick Hen Shack, and Desert Buzz Bee Gardens.  Click on the various tabs at the top to read and see all our adventures at 1Planet Peace Patch!  You can also view our videos at Organick Khemistry’s You Tube site.

The photo at the top of this blog was taken on March 27, 2008 in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in beautiful Southern Utah.

Every year we take many hiking, camping, and backpacking trips and sometimes we make a long trip (about 3 weeks) across the country in our car. This is in addition to the few travel events we take by plane to visit family on the east coast. The advent and development of digital photography and technology has permitted us to take and download (to our laptops) our photo archives as we travel and share our photos worldwide with all our friends and family.

Past accounts and photos of our adventures can be found at Tom and Dee’s Excellent Adventures original webpage.

The reason that people say there is no time like the present is because there really is no time but the present.   Be Here Now!
~ baba ram dass